Friday, April 10, 2015

My 2 cents on Apple Watch 2015

Apple is going to offer it's first smart watch, Apple Watch for their employee at 50 percent discount. May be Apple don't expect the Apple Watch sell very good in the market.

I am not too worried about the sales figure, Apple always has a group of fans and buyers. Let's wait till the next Apple event for the sales report.

I am going to talk about 2 things that I feel not right for Apple Watch.

I do not have an Apple Watch to try out, I just base on what I saw on the web.

1. Target Audience

Apple designer Jonathan Ive claimed that, "The Swiss watch industry is in trouble." (read here). Look at Apple Watch price range from USD400 to USD15,000 (here).

For lower price range Apple Watch, it may affected those quartz and electronic watch, especially those with some sport features like Suunto, Casio etc.

For the high price market, Apple has Apple Watch Edition series which cost more than USD10k. Since most people are not going to wear 2 watches at the same time, I don't think they will dumped their Rolex watch for Apple smart watch.

For a smart watch with additional function, the older smart watch will be outdated very soon, after Apple came out with new hardware and software.

2. The Watch Face

For me, the watch face is the biggest design flaw. The watch face must be round, not other shape. There are square, rectangle or diamond shape watches out there, but majority are still round in shape.

The moto360 looks like a better design in this category.


Apple Watch could be a fashion, but it will not be a classic, for now.

Apple to offer Watch to employees at half price, CNet

Sunday, April 05, 2015

A college math professor's April Fool prank 2015

How could I miss this. A math and computer science professor, Matthew Weathers make a video prank in his math class.

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YouTube here.

This is not his first time prank in his class.

Who says no one has humor in computer science?

Friday, April 03, 2015

The New MacBook 2015

The new MacBook 2015 is not a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, it is 12-inch notebook, with retina display, it is even lighter than MacBook Air.

There are a few things you may need to know about the new MacBook:

1. Retina Display

12-inch retina display, with resolution 2304x1440. Is about 225 dpi.

2. Fanless

The new MacBook has no fan. It is just 5 watt power, really low power, that's why it doesn't need a fan.

3. Only 1 Adapter Interface

There is only 1 adapter, USB-C for charging, input and output. So you can't plug in the external storage and charge the notebook together, but you can get an external adapter, just pay more.

4. Other

The keyboard. Apple change the keyboard design from traditional scissor mechanism to butterfly mechanism. According to Apple, for older keyboard design, you need to hit the centre of the keyboard button, the new butterfly mechanism keyboard is more stable and more responsive.

5. The Apple Logo

The luminous Apple logo was replaced by a chromed Apple Logo. This is the least important, but this is not so “Apple-style” or “Job’s style".