Saturday, October 27, 2007

When WiMAX is popular

Can you imagine, purely just imagine. When WiMAX is popular, Intel launch a mobile phone with build in Intel WiMAX mobile cpu, it is not using GSM or 3G network, but pre-installed with a Skype software. Skype became of the biggest telco in the world.

Before Intel launch its Intel mobile phone, Google already launch its Google phone with Google Talk client software, and not Skype. May be Intel, Google and Apple will form an alliance against traditional mobile phone maker like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung. Sony Ericsson is not sure to create a phone, a camera or a mp3 player.

When WiMAX is popular, just imagine, purely imagine, what will happen.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Google buy Jaiku

Google is one step further into mobile market. After Google ported their Gmail, search portal, youtube and news (quietly) to mobile version, Google now buying mobile community website Jaiku.

Jaiku is a Finland's micro-blogging website started in year 2006, it was described as a pownce and twitter like website.

Micro-blogging normally refer to short blog post which less than 200 characters, so you can send and received these post through mobile SMS.

Recently my friend introduce me a Malaysia local website call pacmee, I was quite surprised by pacmee, because is simple and the idea is good. Later I just found out that is just another twitter-like website. (Yes, I am a bit out dated)

Google is moving to mobile market, and they are acting fast.