Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RedTone sell Mobile Money International

Just talking with friends on Redtone and Mobile money during lunch time. Later my friend show me theSun newspaper, RedTone sell its 93% of Mobile Money stake for MYR14 million cash to Lee Eng Sia (managing director of Mobile Money) and Kuok Group (Robert Kuok, single largest share holder of RedTone).

RedTone will receive another MYR15 million to 25 million over a 10-year period, for intellectual property rights to Mobile Money.

The buyout is subject to shareholder approval.

I don't see any mobile money around, and anyone is using it. See what others talk on RedTone and mobile money here.

Yahoo news.
Business Times.

updated:2006-03-29 12:31:28 MYT
(吉隆坡訊)立通國際(REDTONE,0032)建議以1488萬令吉現金脫售旗下流動錢包國際私人有限公司(MOBILE MONEY INTERNATIONAL)的1395萬股或93%股權給李榮城和郭氏兄弟集團。 SinChew JitPo.

ChinaPress Mobile money news.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

farmstay 2005

farmstay 2005
Originally uploaded by fuyichin.

I setup my blogger account and link to long long time ago, but I never try out the function until today.

I can blog my photo in flickr and post it to blooger, just like what I am doing now, this is great!

Wh don't google buy flickr, but yahoo did? I hope this function will not be taken out.

flickr badge

flickr beta

What is a flickr badge? Is just like this.
A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr A photo on Flickr
farmstay in New Zealand, 2005

Some blogger put in their blogs. Is just a few clicks, you can generate you own flickr badge, then paste the code (generated by flickr) to you html page, just that easy.

You can choose different style and layout for your badge, eg. html/flash, vertical and horizontal... Is easy just try it yourself and have some fun.

PS. Since blogger don't allow script tag, I have hard coded the pictures, if you direcly paste the code from flickr, the picture will be randomly displayed when the webpage is refresh.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everything is just something

I found out I can use my Gmail web site to send instant messenger to Google Talk application. If the browser support Macromedia flash, it will show you the chat option on the Gmail web page.

gmail google talk
Google talk in Gmail

I find it interesting, but my friend told me, is nothing excited, his colleague can send message to MSN through web too.

I told another friend, skype bought by eBay for 2.6 billion. My friend told me, skype is just VoIP and peer to peer technology, is nothing special.

I told the other friend, watch out for because it has a lot of potential. Then he told me, is just online Yellow Pages... Ya I think Google is just search engine, AdWords is just online advertisement.

ICQ is just instant messenger acquired by America Online for $287 million USD in cash.

hotmail is just webmail sold to Microsoft for $400 million USD.

I think these 'is just' company is worth look into it.

Why working so hard every day but still complaining, invest in stock market for extra income? and not working on something which is just something and sell it to those cash rich company? Simply they are not just something.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Opera co-founder pass away

opera browser

Opera community blog release an announcement, Geir Ivarsoy has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Ivarsoy co-found Opera Software together with Jon von Tetzchner in 1995. They write a browsing software call MultiTorg Opera while working in Norwegian state phone company, Telenor, later the company drop the project, Ivarsoy and Jon von Tetzchner get the rights of the software and from Opera Software company.

Geir Ivarsoy

Opera browser is popular for its light weight and quick response performance, it is available on all majar operating system like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Solaris. Opera browser has been ported to embedded device like PDA, mobile phones and recent to the Nintendo Game console (Nintendo DS browser)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Palm TX hack, add microphone


This is an old news(November 2005), but sound interesting to me.

A Palm OS programmer Dmitry Grinberg, hack the Palm TX hardware and add a microphone to it. Check it in palminfocenter. there is a video you can download from here(avi, 4.2MB). Don't know how true it is.

So you can't run a skype on Palm TX because it don't even have a microphone build in.

palminfocenter forum.
There is some picture, before and after.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Writely believe it or not

Oh! There is a web base version of MSWord-like application, writely.

writely, a web base word-like application, still in beta version

So it is possible have port office application to the web.

Google has bought writely.

Will google have an web base office application online?

Google Acquires Writely Online Word Processing Service, informationweek.