Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free GSC movies

If I tell you there is an operating system which works like Windows but is free, you are not going to believe it, because is too good to be true. If I tell you there is an office suite which works like Microsoft Office, you are not going to believe it, because is too good to be true.

I heard from a friend that there are free movies shown in Tropicana City Mall GSC cinema from June 20th to 23rd, as a promotion for the opening of the latest GSC cinema in town. I doubt about it as well, because is too good to be true. What you need is just print out the coupons from the website or use the original copy of the GSC listing on the newspaper, each coupon can redeem for 2 movie tickets, maximum 4 tickets per person.

I like movies, especially free movies. I went alone yesterday afternoon, and redeem 2 movie tickets for "Race to Witch Mountain". I just need one, but they don't allow me redeem for 2 different movies. I try to offer the tickets to some who bring their children and family, may be their kids might like it. Most of them already have tickets and in return they are offering their extra tickets to me.

After 7pm, crowds coming, long queue infront of ticket counters. About 8pm plus, all the promotion cinemas are full. I am consider lucky to get a free ticket. This is a new shopping mall, is clean, there are 8 cinemas available, the seat are spacious, just as good as 1Utama GSC if it is not better.

This afternoon I went again for free movies. I just ask around, "do you have extra tickets?", and yes, there is a kind lady gave me 2 of her extra coupons, so I watch another 2 movies, "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic".

By the way, the Tropicana City Mall carpark is free till 30 June, a good move to promote the shopping mall. Is just too good to be true.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Second chance for Palm Pre

Just talk through phone with my friend, he is so excited with the new Palm Pre. Palm Pre is the lastest smart phone by Palm, it has multimedia cababilities, with WiFi, GPS and a multi-touch screen (and more), so it was always compared with Apple iPhone. Pre has very possitive review on Internet.

Palm Pre using new Palm OS call webOS, which is a Linux base operating system. Palm Pre first shown on CES (Consumer Electronics Show) on January 2009, release on early June but CDMA version only. Not like iPhone which was first release with GSM network which is common outside US. Even if you bought a Pre from US, you might not able to use in your area without the CDMA network.

I was a supporter of Palm, I am happy with my Palm Vx but I am very disappointed with the Palm TX which I bought few years back. The Palm TX has a higher storage capacity, SD slot for external storage, multimedia, bluetooth and WiFi connection.

It looks like a good portable device to surf internet, but after sometime, the Palm TX browser just give a blank screen while surfing the Internet, and I experience system crash especially with the network related application (refer here and here). The system crashes so often that I have to back up as frequent as possible, there is no software update to fix the problem after I bought the Palm. The new Palm Desktop software is worst than the earlier version, I have to stop synchronize through desktop and just backup on the SD card.

My friend told me, this is Pre (not TX), and Palm deserve a second chance. Ok, everyone deserve a second chance, so does Palm. I hope Palm don't screw it this time.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Pre-Apple WWDC 2009

Is June, almost half of the year. After six month medical leave, will Steve Jobs came back and show his face at Apple WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 2009?

WWDC 2009
Apple WWDC 2009, at San Francisco

I guess Jobs may show his face but most likely he will not introduce those Apple new products as before. Someone has to take over his place, and this is the good time for a "rehearsal".

What expected to be appeared on WWDC a few more more hours later at San Francisco?

1. Snow Leopard.
2. New iPhone.

What else?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

YouTube XL for TV launch

If your website want to go beyond desktop, where it will go? Mobile? ...What next?

Reading techcrunch today, the video war post, Youtube launch a new website YouTube XL specially customize for the TV.

It has been a long time, people try to surf website using the TV, but HD TV is not common at that time, website design go for a higher and a higher resolution. Surfing the net using the TV doesn't seems to be a good choice. Watching video could be different, because the video are normally display at lower resolution.

Youtube optimize YouTube XL, suitable to browse on TV. As long as your living room devices (PS3, Wii, setop box...) with browser support and output to TV, it should works.

This is not the first time Youtube on TV. Two years ago, Apple launch the Apple TV version 2, is able to access internet and show Youtube video. Now Youtube take it one step further, not just on Apple TV, they customize a version which suitable for TV browsing, as long as the device has a browser.

to be continue...