Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you still backup your document?

The concept of backup important document, started at least few hundred years ago, but we are still careless about it.

How often do you back up your document and source code? Every day? or every month? Most people started to backup everytime they make modification, but later only backup once in a while, till our hard disk (or system) crash, then we will start to backup frequently again.

The biggest China encyclopedia history book-- Si Ku Quan Shu, completed in year 1781, has seven hand written copies, located in different places.

The concept of backup important document, started few hundred years ago, or earlier. Today hard disk storage are so cheap, making copy with photocopy mahcine is so easy, and I still miss the backup procedure sometimes.

《四庫全書》是中國歷史上規模最大的一大套叢書,在清朝時乾隆皇帝,指派紀旳(紀曉嵐)為總編輯,收集了大量民間與官方的重要書籍,編汇而成。始於 1773 年,完成於 1781 年,歷時九年(一說十年)。



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sony VAIO P ads

After all these notebook vendors release netbook one after another. From EeePC, Acer to Dell, now Sony following the steps.
I found this ads when looking for some video clips on youtube.
I am not sure which is bigger, the VIAO or the butt.
Click on the picture to view video
It reminds me when Apple's Steve Jobs first introduce iPod nano, by taking out the iPod nano from his jean, check here

Anyway, the VAIO P doesn't look small which putting at the back of the jean pocket.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Back to basic Nokia 2630

I just bought a discounted Nokia 2630 phone from Digital Mall second anniversary sales. This anniversary sales are not really a mega sales, especially compare with the last few Digital Mall offer, if you have miss don't regret, if you were here, hope you found some good offer.

This Nokia 2630 is a budget, and light weight (66g) phone, with some useful features but limited. It has a 65k color display, 0.3 megapixel camera spec is too low by today standard. Since no expansion memory slot, 10Mb internal storage is limited, but it has all these basic features, it even has bluetooth and radio function. Do not forget this still consider as a budget phone.

The phone has 2 color, black and white. One of my friend bought this phone earlier, the black color version. I choose the white model, to differentiate from his one. There is a problem with the white color phone, when the keypad back lid is on under florescent or sun light, the keypad number is hardly visible.

This phone came with 4 languages, English, Malay, Chinese and Tamail(?). Which ever language you enable for you interface, you still can switch to a different input language when you type SMS. For example, if you choose English as the user interface, all your menu will be display as English, but you can switch to Chinese input while writing SMS.

The phone came with some handy application like Calendar, Todo list, expenses, dictionary and games.

It sounds good right? For me the missing functions are: No volume control button on the phone, no flight mode.

Why back to the basic feature phones? A phone is just a phone, I do not need a lot of fancy features. More features are better if it came with no cost. With a limited budget, 2630 is an ideal phone, but if you have more budget, may be you can try out the new 7210.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Where is Gmail task undo delete function

Happy New Year 2009!

I have bad memory, I use Palm to record my todo list. Sometimes I use the yellow stickies software to record down my todo list on my desktop and notebook.

When Gmail launch task function, I am happy with it, because I can use it as the yellow stickies software, and I can access to it through web. After I have been using it for a while, there is one thing I need to complain about the software.

Gmail task
Gmail task

I write down the task list because I will forget what I am going to do. I accidentally deleted a task entry by clicking on the dusbin icon, the entry just gone, and there is NO UNDO! I can not remember what I have deleted (that's the reason I write it down). Some other users having the same problem.

Having an undo function will be good. For me, a delete icon shouldn't exist, you don't need to delete a task, you just tick and complete it. If you need to remove it, click on Actions, Clear completed tasks, this is a 2 step actions, much safer.

Google has been writing good software, just need minor improvement.