Friday, February 24, 2006

Super saver plan

Is friday night, go for a movie, no moviemate, just alone.


Mid Valley GSC show time

Case 1:
Leave office at 7pm, drop by Mid Valley Megamall while going back, pay $1 for the parking. Queue 1 hour for movie ticket, 21:20 show sold out, buy the 23:45 show, cost $10. Spend anather $25 in Mdm Kwan's Restaurant.

Spend another $12, take an ice blended green tea at starbuck, while waiting the show to start, can't go anywhere, shops close at 2200.


Starbucks Coffee

Go back home at 2am. Total spending $48.


Firewall Moive, staring Harrison Ford

Case 2: the super saver
I get a complimentary ticket from 20th Century FOX, but limitted to weekdays only, valid for the move "firewall".


20th Century Fox

I leave office 1840, drop by Mid Valley Megamall while going back, pay $1 for parking. Reach at 1910, no need to queue, get the last ticket at 2120.

I have dinner in McDonald, just beside GSC cinema. Take Mc Saver, excluded McChicken (no chicken during bird fleu season), still have 2 choices, no soft drinks, total cost $2.65 (tax included).


Everyone like McDonald

Is just 1930 after finish my Mc Saver. 2 hours to shop at Megamall.

After movie reach home 1145.

Total cost of entertaiment $3.65. The super saver plan.

Apple co-founder photos

If you only know Apple Macintosh and not Apple II, you might not know the other co-founder other than Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak.

steve jobs and steve wozniak

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple I

steve jobs and steve wozniak

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage office

steve jobs and steve wozniak

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in MacWorld 2005

The Pink Panther Movie 2006

There are too many re-make for hollywood movies.

pinkpanther 2006

The Pink Panther, 2006

pinkpanther 1963

The Pink Panther, 1963

Not really a great movie, but there are 3 things I like about the movie,

1. comedy

2. Original theme song by Henry Mancini.

Henry Mancini

3. A smart car.

Mercedes smart

Even I may prefer a mini now.

BMW mini

You are not surprise, I like the movie Italian Job.
italian job

The Italian Job 2003

Is a re-make of 1969 movie:
italian job

The Italian Job 1969

The soundtrack "It's Caper Time", by Quincy Jones
quincy jones

Quincy Jones

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sun buy Aduva

sun microsystemSun buy remote-management firm--SevenSpace in 2005( cnet news).

Now Sun acquire Aduva, a small company provide automated secure software patches solution.

Sun is serius about remote management and auto patches.

(Hmm... very close to pkg-get now)

A new look at Gnome 2.14

gnome2If you are interested the article is here. I use to like Gnome a lot, but since it is moving towards like a bloatware, I think it has less influence to the desktop environment in the futures. HP announce support Gnome in year 2001, HP return to CDE (Common Desktop Environment) in 2003, as they claim Gnome is not stable.
The open source development of GNOME v2.0 was still on-going at the end of 2002, and did not stabilize in the timeframe that HP had earlier anticipated. This and other business and industry factors required us to re-assess our plans.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bluetooth worm on OS X

bluetoothWhen a system is getting popular, it will have virus and spyware and ...

Announce by Symantec, Inqtana, a proof of concept worm exploiting Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth Directory Traversal Vulnerability.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I give up mobile internet

Ok, I give up trying to connect to mobile internet. It just fail for me, there could be many reasons from driver problem, dial-up script to service provider. Especially when I know there are many dial-up script (for OS X), that you can try.

Ross Barkman's web page provide many dial-up script for you try, check here.

Anyone succeed, please let me know.

Basically the mobile internet work like this:-

GRPS You don't really need GPRS or 3G to connect to the internet, even GSM dial-up may work, what you need is to enable data service. GPRS and 3G will have data service, You have call up the mobile service provide to enable the service if it is not enable by default. Some telco provide free service to enable data connection, so may charge minimum fees. Mobile If you need to dial-up (through desktop PC/Notebook/PDA), the mobile phone must have a modem function. I am not familiar with mobile phone, check with the provider. Driver Even your mobile phone have a modem function, you might not able to dial-up. For some Nokia phone, you need to download the driver for window to get it working. Dial-up script Different service provider may need different dial-up script, check with the provider. PPP option May service provider will ask you to disable TCP header compression. OS X, Preference - PPP - PPP Options Windows, Network Properties - TCP/IP protocol - Options Bluetooth Bluetooth is an option, but you need a physical connection connect to the modem (mobile phone). The connection could be an usb cable, Infra red, or bluetooth, they will simulate as a serial connection to the modem (mobile). You might need to enable the the bluetooth service (RFCOMM) in your software. Conclusion Using WiFi is a much easier way to connect wireless to the internet.

Billionton bluetooth

bluetooth Finally I bought the billionton usb bluetooth.


It can pair up with a Nokia 7610 phone, in Windows (XP) and OS X (10.3), but have not luck of dial-up to internet through the mobile.

nokia 7610

The mobile phone used as a modem and not a wireless access point.

May be the Nokia 7610 modem function is not working.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Which Bluetooth for OS X?

bluetoothI shop for a usb bluetooth adapter for my ibook G3 (which doesn't came with a built in bluetooth). Just found out the bluetooth dongle price has cut down a lot, price range from 50 to 90. There is quite a number of choices, some with brand name and some with 'no name' brand, just list a few here:
and a few China, Singapore and Taiwan manufacture bluetooth without brand name.

None of the usb bluetooth stated support Mac OS X in their product description, except for 1 which manufactured by Singapore, which stated that support OS X 10.2. I know that some of the ('no name') bluetooth will work on OS X, but just not sure which one will work and which don't.

Apple website recommended D-Link DBT-120, officially supported by OS X, but I don't find it on the those shops. The D-Link bluetooth is much more expensive, may be that is the reason it is not so popular.

D-Link DBT-120

User review and comment on D-Link bluetooth are two extreme, is either very good or very bad. Those users who find it good because it is plug and play on OS X. Those users who comment badly, because it is not working on OS X for many reasons.

Some users can't connect the D-Link bluetooth with some ear set, mouse and keyboard, this can be solved by a firmware update program provided by Apple, but after the update the bluetooth will not work on PC (Windows) any more.

Some users having problem with the D-Link bluetooth working on Windows XP SP2. XP use the default driver but it does not work for the D-Link bluetooth. D-Link provide a driver for Windows XP, user should install the driver before plug in the bluetooth device, or user may need to re-install the XP again for the system to use the correct driver. This is a common problem on Windows XP, most other brand should have the same problem too. I have simular experience once, while installing D-Link WiFi card on a Windows XP. (see broken driver)


D-Link DBT-120 came with (at least) 3 version, which use 3 different software driver, and can't mix up. You can review it at the back fo the product. Most users never stated which version they use.

Billionton bluetooth (work on Linux)

This is a cheap and common bluetooth available. The shop owner recommend it as a more stable product compare to the other 'no name' brand. My friend Coyote told me, it was tested and work on Linux. A website says, driver provided by Apple.

It was package with a usb cable which could be usefull.

BSI BToe v2

The version 2 (black color) is 3 times faster than the previous version (white color), as the product description.


The sales person told me, one of the customer had tried the earlier version (white) on OS X, and working fine. I can't make sure the later version (black) will work, but the design of the device look nice.


If they provide me the bluetooth, I will test it all on OS X, anyway I am quite busy, so may be next time.

Born in 80s

This is nothing technical.

I read an interesting mail, I have read this before, but this time share with the others.

Those born in 70s, know there was 30 cents noodle soap, movie tickets less than $5.

Those born in 80s,

The song "Uptown Girl" is by "West Life" and not "Billy Joel".

John Travolta is always round in shape, and can't imagine he can dance in Gease (movie).

John Travolta

John Travolta in Gease

John Travolta

John Travolta now

Michael Jackson already whiten.
Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson

Black or White

Spiderman are just new movie.
spiderman 2002
(There is at least one before 2002, but I can't remember when)

My friend just told me yesterday night, the little girl in Jumanji (1995) is Kristen Dunst, the actress in Spiderman (2002).
Kristen Dunst


Kristen Dunst


Oh! Time flies...