Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WeSync Palm Data

I though I can sync my palm data to WeSync, but I saw this:-



PalmSource® has sold WeSync™ software to Tanner Research™. Under this new management, you can soon look forward to seeing:

* WeSync 1.6 for Palm OS® 5.x compatibility
* WeSync Support coming back online
* New users again welcomed & able to sign up

PalmSource Sells WeSync, gearbits.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Distributer make different software package

solarisBoth Red Hat (or Fedora Core) and Mandrake (Mandriva) use rpm as the software package format, but sometimes they use a different name for the software package, eg. FC use gtk+, but Mandrake add a lib infront which give you libgtk. When the system try to solve the dependencies, gtk+ and libgtk are 2 different package. FC# rpm -i gtkhello error: failed dependencies: libgtk>=1.2.0 is needed by gtkhello (why libgtk? because is a mandrake package) FC# rpm -qi gtk+ Name : gtk+ In Solaris how the software package was named? eg. SUNWaudio is audio application, you can find it by, $ pkginfo | grep audio Blastwave.org follow the original sun naming system, CSW, Community SoftWare package name, eg. CSWaspell. In blastwave.org and sunfreeware.com, all files is package into one package, when you install, you need to install everything. I prefer the RH/FC way, development and runtime are different package. eg. aspell and aspell-devel. You do not need to install the development package if you are not using it as a development environment, and you can static link the library by install the development package only. Since solaris package name has a limit of 9 characters long, I will name my package as aspell, aspell-d(for development).

Thursday, November 24, 2005

my pkg-get wget bug fixed

Found a bug on my pkg-get, detect for wget command, but didn't return the status properly, it was fixed. Seems like I am not familiar with borne shell script. I know borne shell better than korne shell (use by the original pkg-get). The importance of pkg-get is not the script itself, but the packaging and the service which is valuable. I test my pkg-get on Solaris 2.5, seem like working fine.

Cinema Cinema

Movie business in doing quite good for these 2 years in Malaysia, take GSC Malaysia as an example, in year 2004 its revenue is 100 million and 10 million profit. You can read the news here.


GSC and TGV are the two bigest cinema operators in Malaysia. GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) own by PPB (PPB controlled by Robert Kuok Hock Nien), TGV (Tan Golden Village) own by Tanjong PLC ( controlled by Ananda Krishnan).

You can book ticket online through cinemaonline, anyone though of watching movie online?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

spreadsheet on unix

I am looking for a small text base spreadsheet running on unix platform, so I found sc. Many of the original code was written by James Gosling (father of Java), but is not easy to use as compare with Lotus 123. Sometimes technical is not a big issue, is the other part of the software like the interface which make the software a killer application. I compile sc-7.16 on solaris, bison and ncurses was needed, ncurses will replace the some of the original header files eg. curses.h. The sc need terminfo to run, I just keep the vt100 terminfo in /usr/share/terminfo/v/vt100 sc_spreadsheet I found a copy of the very old Visicalc spreadsheet, allow for downloading, but just for personal use.

Internet Explorer JavaScript Remote Code Execution

I just read from the news, check here. Is dated 21 Nov 2005.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nokia acquire Intellisync

Nokia acquire Intellisync for USD 430 million, you can read the news here. I like one of the Intellisync product which sync palm data to Yahoo. I have try the product few years ago and stop after I have switch to JPilot. I try the Yahoo Intellisync some time ago, but is not working, I am not sure is the sync software or the Palm Desktop program. That's the reason I access to my fusionone account again! I really miss that, sync my palm data to the internet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ACCESS Completes Acquisition of PalmSource

Oh! I visit the palmsource website and found this announcement on the first page of the website. access_palmsource The news is here.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Postgresql 8.1.0 release

postgresqlPostgresql 8.1.0 was release recently, the release notes is here, I have download the source code and compile it on a solaris machine yesterday, it was compile successfully with some warnings. It has been quite a while (a few months) after I tried compiling version 8.0.3, so I just try my luck yesterday, looking for some newer release and I found version 8.1.0. The win32 binaries is here.