Friday, July 21, 2006

Yahoo Finance Badge

What can I say about this? Yahoo Finance Badge create the code for you, you just copy and paste the code to your blog template, then real-time price is on your page now!.

yahoo finance badge
Yahoo finance badge

I try to explain to my friends, how's the flickr badge work for real-time stock code, some of them don't get the idea, now I don't have to explain, Yahoo finance badge explain it all.

I 'steal' the idea from flickr badge, but Yahoo own

Thursday, July 20, 2006

CSS is not my style sheet

Those people who know me better should know, I don't like CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Then you will not be surprised I will agree with this article (Why CSS Bugs Me).

Basically this is the problem:-
1. CSS is a standard, but the 3 main stream browser (IE, Firefox and Opera) handle it differently.
2. Is hard to debug.

If not using CSS, how to solve the (style) problem? Since I use JSP, I will use XML to solve the problem.

I don't stop anyone who use CSS, just think twice before you use it. Use something which suit you better.

Friday, July 14, 2006

myoss site in iosn is down

Some myoss blogger's page link my browser to this site, when I click on the myoss meetup link.

Date: 14 July 2006

Unfortunately it was down. Anyone is fixing it?

This IOSN MYOSS site, host some of the myoss meetup information.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Interesting FIFA Worldcup theory

雖然世界杯過了好幾天了,不過第四十四集的 HKPUG Podcast 有一個關於世界杯的<外圍理論>是講得很有趣。主要是說,外圍賭球,那一隊的賭注最大,那一隊就不會贏。像巴西,雖然是熱門,因為賭注大,每個人都會買巴西,所以巴西就輸了。

我覺得 HKPUG 的 Podcast 做得不錯。所以我也有點興趣與 Linus Lai 試做看看,因為他最早提出要做 Podcast 。最近我已經停了兩個專欄,也減少參加活動,應該可以擠出一些時間,就在等 Linus 點頭而已了。

Sunday, July 02, 2006

OpenVanilla 0.7.2

Open Vanilla
Finally get OpenVanilla install on my OS X Panther (10.3.9).

What is OpenVanilla? OpenVanilla is an open source chinese input method for Mac OS X.
open source chinese input method

Why Open Vanilla
Why we need to install chinese input method on OS X since it already came with it? The default chinese input method came with OS X is quite difficult to use, many OS X users having the same problem.

Normally I use changjie (倉頡) input method. I just point out the two problems that I having having. First, I can't type out some character eg. 已 (code su) on the OS X default changjie, I think they use a different code which is different from what I have used for many years. Second, OS X default IM don't pop out the character automatically when there is more than one choices for the IM code, means you have to select by pressing number keys, this is slow.

My experience
You need to download a special version package for OS X Panther.

My first attempt to install OpenVanilla fail, may be I didn't notice the input method is there. So I uninstall the software and re-install again (need reboot), my default chinese input is gone. I select the input method from Preference, International, the OpenVanilla is there.

Preference, International

I am not able to enable the default IM, the program crash, I need the pinyin, when I don't know the changjie code.

Changjie input method