Friday, April 17, 2009

Ashton and Oprah on Twitter

When hollywood star start using it, you can't stop it.

Oprah register a Twitter account, no update yet, but she is going to send out the first tweet on her show tomorrow. Twitter founder Evan Williams will be there on the show as well.

On April 14, Ashton Kutcher tweet that he will plunk Ted Turners (media tycoon, founder of CNN) if his followers number beat CNN's millions (more than 900k) followers. You can refer to the TechCrunch story here. On 17 April (GMT 4:00) Ashton's follower has surpass CNN(Ashton 998,996 CNN 998,608).

Who is Ashton Kutcher? He is the host of the well known MTV celebrities prank show. He is an actor as well, I like the movie 'Just Married' that he co-star with Brittany Murphy. Ashton Kutcher married actress Demi Moore in year 2005.

When there are people to criticize iPod (the first generation of classic verion) are too big to be carried and over priced, but you found iPod inside every hollywood star's pocket and handbags, you know that you will not able to stop it. The only thing that you can worried is Twitter can handle the volume.

Update: Ashton Kutcher's followers already hit one million.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Beware of MSN messenger virus - photobukkets

"I am not so alert today"

Received a photobucket link on MSN, 30 minutes after I chat with my friend online using MSN messenger. I though my friend want to share some photo with me. After I click on the link, it ask me to login with my MSN username and password.

I don't really like photobucket (a photo sharing site), I only visit the site once or twice some time ago, but when did photobucket start using MSN username for login? I take a quick glance at the url, it looks normal. I hesitate... for just 2 seconds and continue login...I must be crazy for doing it.

Oh! No. It doesn't look like a photobucket website. I key in the url manually, pretty sure that is not a photobucket website (but I type the wrong address again, photobuckets). I take a close look at url send from my friend's url, is http://xxx. PhotoBukkets .com... and not the popular photobuckets.

The first thing I do is change my MSN password. How? Go to passport member services, sign in and change password.

There are some precautions that you can avoid this type of mistake:

1. Do not click on external url link from suspecious email or IM (instant messenger).
2. Never login from the url you click on any hyperlink document, just in case you miss out the url name like what I experience today.
3. If you really need a login, type in the url address manually and login from its homepage. After you have login, click on the external url link, if the url link is same with your login address, it should automatically login for you, it will not ask for username and password again.

Sometimes we are just lazy and forget about all the rules, but just be alert.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

CSS Naked Day 2009

Earth Hour just pass. More that 1000 cities participated, off the lights for one hour.

Today is CSS naked day, I found it last year. Wow! Another year just pass. I don't like CSS, I prefre simplicity, but no doubt CSS make website looks better, make web application more presentable and extend its capabilities.

Be it good or not good, strip your CSS for just a day, be CSS naked, it not a bad idea.