Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Crossover Office

If you compare crossover office with WINE, immediatelly you know the difference. Codeweavers really do a good job. I can install IE 5.5 and access to our intranet application without any problem now.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Crossover Office

My colleague ask me this morning, can I use Internet Explorer on my linux system?

I say, "Can not.".

Then she ask again, "How do you access to our intranet application?"

I answer, "I have 2 PC!" (1 install linux, the other is Windows 95)

I think over again, actually I can use Internet Explorer in my linux, just too lazy to try. I get the crossover office about a month ago, but too busy to try out, crossover office is just like WINE, a window emulator on linux. Why don't I give it a try.

I did download and try to compile WINE before, but no luck. This time before trying the crossover linux, I will try the WINE again. I download the binaries, luckily there is rpm for mandrake10. I just install a libstdc++ libraries, everything install just fine.

I try to install the Office97 and ie5.5. I can't install the ie5.5, is a common problem, stop at about 75%. Ofiice97 can be installed without much problems, excel is not working, winword can be launch. Anyway this version of Word is buggy.

I heard crossover office can support IE, will try next time.

Journey of 'Thelma and Louise'

'Thelma and Louise' is a movie by director Ridley Scott. We are going for journey in the coming weekend before the end of 2004, travel through Perak and Kedah state, no plan, no destination, just like 'Thelma and Louise' in the 1991 movie, but should be a happy ending.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Some interesting reading about programming

A lot of the programmer like to re-write codes. Joel Spolsky have a different view point here.