Tuesday, May 30, 2006

HP Compaq t5720

HP 推出使用 AMD Geode NX1500 處理器的精簡型電腦 (thin client) ,配搭微軟的 XP Embedded 作業系統,售價約六百美元。看來惠普並沒有放棄精簡型電腦的市場。

HP Compaq t5720

AMD Geode NX1500 是低耗電量處理器,約使用 6 瓦特 (watt) 電量。一般處理器的耗電量介於 60 至 120 瓦特之間。

Thursday, May 25, 2006

IBM, Linux and Eclipse

It has been a long time I didn't attend any software or technology related seminar.

Linux and Eclipse

This team from IBM has been travelling around the world for 4 weeks time, and Kuala Lumpur is their last stop.

The morning session presented by business manager, afternoon is more on the Eclipse, sounds more interesting for the developers. They demo

Syntax checking function, the software will shows you where is the syntax error and suggest how to solve it.
History log, roll back to the previous version like your CVS, and you can disable it.
Scrapbook pages, simple type in your java command (eg. System.out.println("Hello, World!"); ), it will run, even without public static void main().
JUnit, is build in function for you to carry out your test script, it will indicate the testing is pass or fail.
GUI, how you can 'draw' your graphic component.
Locallization, easily convert your program to support multilingual.
webtools, it show some demo on ajax too.

I met khoo (his initial is gtk :) ). He is a developer that I met a few months back on a SUN Developer Day seminar. He just start a new job for a few weeks, they are using Linux as their development platform. We exchange some idea on web application development.

They recommended to get this Eclipse book, 'Java(TM) Developer's Guide to Eclipse, The (2nd Edition)', by Jim D'Anjou, Scott Fairbrother, Dan Kehn, John Kellerman, Pat McCarthy. Some of the authors are from IBM. Check Amazon.

Doug Tidwell, the technical speaker who show Eclipse. photo

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ubuntu 5.10 on powerpc

After my Gentoo Linux partition gone, it has been a few months I didn't restore back the Linux operating system on my powerpc notebook. Finally I get it done yesterday night, but I install a Ubuntu Linux this time.

Installation process for Ubuntu Linux is easy, the most tricky part is partition for the hard disk. Since I still keep the old partition unused, I don't have to do anything about it. I have forgotten the detail of the hard disk partition, but something special about Apple (New World) hardware design, they store their firmware data on the hard disk, you have to keep this firmware partition.

My friend told me installing Ubuntu Linux takes about 15 minutes. It takes me more than 15 minutes to do than on my 700Mhz machine, the 1st part installation take about 20 minutes, the 2nd part configuration takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Since Ubuntu 5.10 is a few months old distribution, it prompt me for software update. I have not tried the Ubuntu update yet, is already 3am, I need to take some sleep. Tell you all the Ubuntu Live Update experience next time.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Interview and movie making

前兩天與友人提起,想要製作一系列有關 open source 的訪談錄影,報導一些在本地的 open source 的人、事、物,或是活動。沒想到我一提出來,就得到友人的大力支持,熱心地借出數位錄像機,同時要參與製作。出錢出力,真難得。


製作影片真是不容易,不是拍家庭綠影參加 Home Funniest Video 比賽,不是只用一個錄像機就可以解決的事,還要做許多事前的準備工夫,像是訪談的內容,背景資料等等。為了有好的收音效果,麥克風也要講究,還要打燈。拍攝完成後還要剪接等等後期製作。


Two opensource ajax toolkit

Google and Yahoo extended their competition from search technology to ajax.

Recently I am working on Ajax web development. My friends send me two ajax toolkit link, one from google and one from yahoo.

These toolkits are open source (Wow!), Yahoo is using BSD license, Google use Apache License.

yui tetris, a tetris build by yahoo toolkit.

Thank you Dave and Yew Fai.

Breakfast gathering

Is a long long time I didn't meet those open source friends.
Finally I organize a free and easy breakfast (lunch) gathering, with Linus Lai (and Jessica) and Yeak (with Patricia and Jonathan), in Bukit Jalil Golf Resort Oriental Pearl Restaurant. We have Dim Sum there.

Is quite a nice place for gathering, no so crowded, very comfortable, we enjoy the food and talking there. Linus Lai show his work he done last night, install Mac OS X on a Acer Intel notebook, you can check out from his blog, but no screen shoot, may be he is just lazy.

We decided to start working out something for the local open source community here, not sure what to do yet, so call for gathering again, next week friday 9.00pm in Sri Petaling.

No photo, too bad.