Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HP mini 1001TU hardware

Bought a HP mini 1001TU last two weeks at PC Fair. Normally it was called HP mini 1000, 1001 should be an Asia model, mine one should a China model, because there are some China stickers on it.

HP mini 1000
Black Imprint Swirl version.
Originally uploaded by eeepcnews

Spec in short:
Intel Atom N270 1.6Ghz, 1024Mb Ram, 60Gb hard disk (4200rpm), 10.2" display 1024x600 wide screen, wireless WiFi & bluetooth, 1.11kg

Refer HP site for detail of the spec.

Please take note: I can't find the 56K modem. Upgrade to 2g ram is possible.

Taiwan launch 2 models, a black Imprint Swirl version and a red Vivienne Tam limited edition. The one I have is the black version. Vivienne Tam version is slightly more expensive.

HP mini 1000 Vivienne Tam
Vivienne Tam version.
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This HP mini 1001TU normally refer as 1000. The 1000 model has few configuration with different screen size and SSD, the 1001 I have is with 60G HD, and no other different configuration for 1001.

I was a EeePC supporter, I prefer Asus because they are pioneer in low cost sub-noteboom (or netbook). My prefer model is 901 and S101, but why I finally bought an HP mini? This HP mini 1001 is the second generation of HP netbook. The first generation is 2133 which is famous for its good looking and bigger keyboard amoung all netbook, but a bit expensive.

Since 901 and S101 is not availble in Malaysia now, and I think Asus slowly losing their direction in netbook market (refer here). HP mini 1001TU is selling about RM1699, which meet my target price.

If you like bigger and comfortable keyboard, get HP. If you think battery life is important, get Asus EeePC. I really like the HP keyboard, so I give up the battery life. If you need do a lot of presentation and connect to projector, you must take note that this HP do not have VGA output. You need an extra cable for VGA output, which doesn't came with the package. I heard the cable will only start selling at the beginning of year 2009.

Keyboard is easy to type
Altec Lancing speaker
Nice looking design

only 2 USB
3 cells battery life might not last as long as expected
some people find the glossy display is hard to see

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve 2008

Today is Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google add task application to Gmail

Google have added task application to Gmail, it can be enable from Gmail setting - Lab. Even I am not hurry to try it out, but is a big news, because with task application, Google has a complete PIM application on web.

What is PIM? PIM is Personal Information Management. Back to old days of Palm, it normally refer to Datebook (Scheduler or Calendar), Contact (Address book), Task list and Memo application. These are the four applications that Palm defined by default, assign to the four access button on a classic Palm (New Palm has made some changes to the access button).

You can install more applications on a Palm PDA. For my case, the PIM applications listed above are the most frequently used applications. Top 2 is Datebook and Contact, and I am still using it everyday. Yahoo has added PIM in Yahoo! Mail many years ago. If you login to Yahoo! Mail classic, you will see four tab label with Mail, Contact, Calendar, Notepad, which is almost like the PIM on Palm except the Task list.

Google already have Calendar, Contact and Google Notebook (you almost forgotten about it right?), now with the newly added Task list, next to have just a missing sync application.

By the way, Google already have the sync program for Calendar to Outlook.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This is about a short story of exchanging a Sin Chew Daily newspaper, written in Chinese character.




可是電話打到星洲總社發行部,沒人接聽,轉到接線員處,又幫不上忙。我問說,"不知道可不可以換一份完整的星洲日報?” 友人說,“星洲日報是一間大企業,不會在意讓你換一份。”










New HP mini 1000 and Asus S101

The first generation of the 7 inch (display) EeePC 701 looks like a toy for me, but carrying a light weight "toy" around and giving you the ability to access to the Internet easily, is still better than your 2 to 3 kg notebook or the overpriced UMPC (Ultra mobile personal computer).

Recently more notebook vendors started to release 10 inch netbook products, most notable are the Asus EeePC S101 and latest HP mini 1000 netbook. 10 inch notebook is the ideal size for me to carry around, both notebook look attractive for me.

HP mini 1000
Tanaka Chie and HP mini 1000.
Originally uploaded by Andytn

Compare HP mini 1000 and Asus S101, both using Intel Atom N270 cpu (which is commonly found on most netbook, like Acer Aspire One), has a bigger keypad (92% of full size keyboard), so is easier to type compare to most netbook available in the market. HP mini has only 2 USB compare with S101 has 3 USB (USB is important for netbook). HP mini using HD, and S101 use SSD, but I believe this storage can be changed as an option in the future. Pricing wise HP should be cheaper.

I have not seen these 2 products available on the market yet, may be will check out on this coming PC Fair. Asus S101 has been launched in Asia for more than 2 months time, but I have not found any Asus dealers are selling this product. I think Asus should improve their support and distribution in Malaysia. HP has a much better local support.

I am a great fan of Asus EeePC, because they are the first to launch a small, light weight and cheap (USD299) netbook. Most importantly they choose Linux for their low cost netbook. Even though cost is the main concern that Asus use Linux for their EeePC netbook, it need a lot of courage for a company to choose Linux as the operating system. Xandros has done a good job to customize a Linux version for Asus EeePC.

With all latest release of EeePC runs on Windows, the only reason left for me to buy EeePC is just the battery life or the Asus brand name.

The specification of S101 and HP mini 1000.

The down side for HP mini 1000
- 2 USB port only
- glossy display
- slow HD or SSD access
- fan always on

HP mini 1000 vs EeePC 1000H