Sunday, September 26, 2004

Firefox 1.0 PR

Try firefox 1.0 browser today. Suddenly something just came into my mind.

So I talk to kf and swk while having coffee in Long Black at night. I have an antique IBM PC. Yes, it really from IBM not just compatible, is a 486 SX(yup, no coprocesser) 66 (it suppose to be a 33Mhz and double it into 66). With 8M Ram, I added in another 8M Ram, now I have to total of 16M, and a 420M CPU.

I am going to upgrade to software, make firefox-1.0 to run on that machine. Please don't laugh, it may work. I want it to support truetype font as well.

Kf have a 386SX machin in early 1990s, with 1M ram, 40M HD(and he install stacker software to double it), it is capable to run windows (v3.1) with EMS enable and play Romance of Three Kingdom(KOEI Game) too.

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