Friday, December 24, 2004

Crossover Office

My colleague ask me this morning, can I use Internet Explorer on my linux system?

I say, "Can not.".

Then she ask again, "How do you access to our intranet application?"

I answer, "I have 2 PC!" (1 install linux, the other is Windows 95)

I think over again, actually I can use Internet Explorer in my linux, just too lazy to try. I get the crossover office about a month ago, but too busy to try out, crossover office is just like WINE, a window emulator on linux. Why don't I give it a try.

I did download and try to compile WINE before, but no luck. This time before trying the crossover linux, I will try the WINE again. I download the binaries, luckily there is rpm for mandrake10. I just install a libstdc++ libraries, everything install just fine.

I try to install the Office97 and ie5.5. I can't install the ie5.5, is a common problem, stop at about 75%. Ofiice97 can be installed without much problems, excel is not working, winword can be launch. Anyway this version of Word is buggy.

I heard crossover office can support IE, will try next time.

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