Friday, February 04, 2005

Skype 1.0 experience

I have heard this software for quite sometime, but never have the time to try out the software until recently.

This is my comment to the Skype software:

1. multi-platform, work well on windows, osx, linux. I have tested on windows, osx and linux (mandrake 10), there is a PokerPC version, but have not successfully installed yet.

2. easy installation. especially on linux, no problem at all. Not like other software always have library dependency problem.

3. 0 configuration. so far I never configure anything like proxy setting, it can go through my office's proxy too, surprise! I never get yahoo messenger working in my office environment.

4. easy to use.

5. sound quality is good.

I try the software yesterday night again and have conference call, is great. After I finish my work, is already 2am, very tired!

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