Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Postgresql 8.0.2 on osx and solaris

postgresqlGet a call from a friend, he is telling me, he want to compile mysql from source, I said good! Then he can told me what is his progress, I did try to compile mysql many years ago, but fail. The postgresql has success many times. I have successfully compile and install postgresql-8.0.2 on solaris 2.5 (gcc 2.9), solaris 2.6 (gcc 2.8). Experience on 2.6 (gcc 2.8) Even though the compilation is a bit slow (on ultra spac II), but the compilation consider smooth, the gcc 2.8 is a very old version, but working find, I install the compile binary and is working fine. Experience on 2.5 (gcc 2.9, Workshop C v4.2) I am getting a lot of warning from the header file (netdb.h), both compiler (gcc 2.9 and Workshop C), I didn't find out why because it still can be compile. I didn't try the binary, because my 2.5 machine are too small to run the postgresql. Experience on OS X 1. need readline lib the easiest way to install readline library should be using fink, the is a good instruction show you how to do it. after install fink, just $ sudo /sw/bin/fink install readline $ cd (to postgresql source directory) $ ./configure --with-includes=/sw/include/ --with-libraries=/sw/lib 2. if you think installing readline and fink is too trouble, and just want to try out postgresql database, use use the option $ ./configure --without-readline The output binary will still work, just the sql client (psql) do not have a doskey like function. The compilation will just work fine without any problems.

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