Friday, November 25, 2005

Distributer make different software package

solarisBoth Red Hat (or Fedora Core) and Mandrake (Mandriva) use rpm as the software package format, but sometimes they use a different name for the software package, eg. FC use gtk+, but Mandrake add a lib infront which give you libgtk. When the system try to solve the dependencies, gtk+ and libgtk are 2 different package. FC# rpm -i gtkhello error: failed dependencies: libgtk>=1.2.0 is needed by gtkhello (why libgtk? because is a mandrake package) FC# rpm -qi gtk+ Name : gtk+ In Solaris how the software package was named? eg. SUNWaudio is audio application, you can find it by, $ pkginfo | grep audio follow the original sun naming system, CSW, Community SoftWare package name, eg. CSWaspell. In and, all files is package into one package, when you install, you need to install everything. I prefer the RH/FC way, development and runtime are different package. eg. aspell and aspell-devel. You do not need to install the development package if you are not using it as a development environment, and you can static link the library by install the development package only. Since solaris package name has a limit of 9 characters long, I will name my package as aspell, aspell-d(for development).

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