Friday, February 24, 2006

Super saver plan

Is friday night, go for a movie, no moviemate, just alone.


Mid Valley GSC show time

Case 1:
Leave office at 7pm, drop by Mid Valley Megamall while going back, pay $1 for the parking. Queue 1 hour for movie ticket, 21:20 show sold out, buy the 23:45 show, cost $10. Spend anather $25 in Mdm Kwan's Restaurant.

Spend another $12, take an ice blended green tea at starbuck, while waiting the show to start, can't go anywhere, shops close at 2200.


Starbucks Coffee

Go back home at 2am. Total spending $48.


Firewall Moive, staring Harrison Ford

Case 2: the super saver
I get a complimentary ticket from 20th Century FOX, but limitted to weekdays only, valid for the move "firewall".


20th Century Fox

I leave office 1840, drop by Mid Valley Megamall while going back, pay $1 for parking. Reach at 1910, no need to queue, get the last ticket at 2120.

I have dinner in McDonald, just beside GSC cinema. Take Mc Saver, excluded McChicken (no chicken during bird fleu season), still have 2 choices, no soft drinks, total cost $2.65 (tax included).


Everyone like McDonald

Is just 1930 after finish my Mc Saver. 2 hours to shop at Megamall.

After movie reach home 1145.

Total cost of entertaiment $3.65. The super saver plan.

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