Friday, January 05, 2007

Gmail on microemulator

Can gmail mobile app run on Palm?

I hope the gmail mobile application can run on Palm, but I am not sure. Since I am able to get it run on j2me microemulator emulator, it should work on any midp 2.0 compatible vm.

Gmail App, running on midp emulator

This is how I do it. microemulator told me they are midp 2.0, but I encounter some problem while running the gmail application:

$ java -jar me-app.jar gmail.jad

I get a few error for class not found:
com.barteo.cldc.https.Connection (and a few other class)

I do a quick and dirty hack. I get CertificateException class from midp 2.0 from Sun, com.barteo package from cldc.jar (can be downloaded from ).

The last part, where can I get the gmail mobile application? I download the generic program from: (rename to gmail.jad)

I get this 2 link from gmail help center.


"The Rake" said...

Are you still happy with your TX?

I am thinking of getting one.

I don't want to get it and not be happy.

Thanks for any help

fuyichin said...

l buy the TX for it WiFi function. I am still testing it now. seems like it crash quite often with some application. I can't comment much.

Palmdoc said...

Gmail midlet runs fine on my Treo650 with IBM Java installed.

Palmdoc said...

Pics here: