Saturday, June 02, 2007

New news system for web 2.0

Users are changing their habit on reading internet news. We used to visit CNN, BBC website for news, these are the traditional news website. I visit cnet to read technology news, but now I read google news. I only read news header from the google news, if I think the news are interested, I just click on the url, it will link me to the original news website. (RSS and mash up)

A lot of readers like slashdot, where users subscribe stories that may be interested to the others. Readers not just reading the news but discuss news in slashdot, exchange their ideas. News are not recommend by editor, but recommended by readers. (User community)

These days blogger write their own news (eg. Techcrunch), readers rate them. Website like digg, where readers subscribe hundreds of news everyday, is getting more popular. Readers read the news from digg before it link to the original post.

These are the trend in web 2.0 that you can't miss out. Editor has less control but users have more, with web 2.0, things change, don't just ignored.

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