Sunday, January 06, 2008

SE M600i is not a smart phone

I have a Sony Ericsson M600i phone. I am not satisfied with the phone, may be it is not a phone, it is just a device in between a PDA and phone.

M600i is not a smart phone, because it is not smart. If you try to search from the contact application, you can only search from the Last name, unless you didn't key in the Last name, then it will search from the First name.

Let say you have a contact entry, John Smith. If you key in as:

First name: John
Last name: Smith
Display: Smith, John
(Name display will depends on sorting sequence)

You will not able to search it by key in John, unless you key in Smith. If,

First name: John Smith
Last name:
Display: John Smith

You will be able to search it by key in John, but again you will not able to search the contact by Smith, and you will not get the right entry by key in John Smith.

This is only happen in those five years old phone. Today's phone, should have smart search capability. The smart search here means you can search John Smith by John, Smith, ohn, mith or even JS (John Smith).

M600i is a PDA. It has a large display, high resolution, touch screen, it is good for PDA usage. Take a look at the Schedule application, the monthly view display are just too small, is hard to click. When you change the date and time of your appointment, is not user friendly, compare it with Palm's Calendar application, you know what I mean.

M600i can install Dictionary and Timer application, but the basic application like Contact and Scheduler, is not easy to use. M600i is a PDA, but still not so good as a PDA.

By today's standard, M600i is not a phone. It don't even support profile setting (and many other basic function), if you are a Nokia phone user, you should know what is profile setting.

In Nokia, you can have a different profile for pre-set ring tone and message alert, eg.

Indoor, ring tone with no vibrate.
Outdoor, vibrate and ring tone set as loud as possible.
Meeting, silent with vibrate, or just a beep sound will do.

By preset profile, you can switch to different phone mode by just one or 2 click.

M600i is not a smart phone, is more like a PDA, or a device between a PDA and a phone.

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