Thursday, April 10, 2008

DiGi and EeePC promotion

Come on, DiGi, you can do better than this

My friend show me a DiGi data package promotion. There are two package, both are ASUS EeePC + data access plan, with slightly different. Let's look at the package, is it worth getting or not.

Package A
1. Data only SIM (RM66 x 24 mths) = RM1,584
2. WiFi (AirZed) server (24 mths) = RM2,232
3. Asus EeePC = RM1,599
4. Asus data modem T500 = RM1,199
Total RM6,614

Promotion price now RM2,952

Total savings RM3,622.

But unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information here.

EeePC selling at RM1299, not RM1599. If you have the budget and need a Windows version, you may consider Twinhead's E10 or HP Compaq 2133.

I don't know how they compute the WiFi charges, because if you subscribe to DiGi unlimited data access, WiFi access should be free.

The only thing you are getting extra is the T500 data modem (I am wandering how to connect to EeePC), some says you can get a data modem for RM400, but I am not so sure about that.

So is this a good deal? You don't really save much. Don't forget if you subscribe to the package, you tie up with the data access for two years.

For the WiFi access, there is a easier and better plan, even without subscribe to DiGi unlimited data access. With pay per use with DiGi, you can get a 1 day access for just RM3.

DiGi always came out with good package with flexible plan, like RM10 prepaid card, RM1 top up (for prepaid). Come on DiGi, you can do better than this.

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KY said...

not too bad a deal, but they don't have 3G yet.. I'm gonna wait for that. Plus if the EEE PC is the 8gb 8.9" version then it'll be even better.