Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google add task application to Gmail

Google have added task application to Gmail, it can be enable from Gmail setting - Lab. Even I am not hurry to try it out, but is a big news, because with task application, Google has a complete PIM application on web.

What is PIM? PIM is Personal Information Management. Back to old days of Palm, it normally refer to Datebook (Scheduler or Calendar), Contact (Address book), Task list and Memo application. These are the four applications that Palm defined by default, assign to the four access button on a classic Palm (New Palm has made some changes to the access button).

You can install more applications on a Palm PDA. For my case, the PIM applications listed above are the most frequently used applications. Top 2 is Datebook and Contact, and I am still using it everyday. Yahoo has added PIM in Yahoo! Mail many years ago. If you login to Yahoo! Mail classic, you will see four tab label with Mail, Contact, Calendar, Notepad, which is almost like the PIM on Palm except the Task list.

Google already have Calendar, Contact and Google Notebook (you almost forgotten about it right?), now with the newly added Task list, next to have just a missing sync application.

By the way, Google already have the sync program for Calendar to Outlook.

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