Wednesday, June 03, 2009

YouTube XL for TV launch

If your website want to go beyond desktop, where it will go? Mobile? ...What next?

Reading techcrunch today, the video war post, Youtube launch a new website YouTube XL specially customize for the TV.

It has been a long time, people try to surf website using the TV, but HD TV is not common at that time, website design go for a higher and a higher resolution. Surfing the net using the TV doesn't seems to be a good choice. Watching video could be different, because the video are normally display at lower resolution.

Youtube optimize YouTube XL, suitable to browse on TV. As long as your living room devices (PS3, Wii, setop box...) with browser support and output to TV, it should works.

This is not the first time Youtube on TV. Two years ago, Apple launch the Apple TV version 2, is able to access internet and show Youtube video. Now Youtube take it one step further, not just on Apple TV, they customize a version which suitable for TV browsing, as long as the device has a browser.

to be continue...

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