Monday, May 30, 2011

YTL Wimax Yes Life on iPhone and iPad

My friend just remind me to try out the Yes Life for iOS devices (like iPhone and iPad), if you register a new account with Yes using the mobile App, you get a 14 days free trial and RM5 credit, the promotion end 12 July 2011. (check here)

Now available on Apple devices

Yes Life is a VoIP phone software like Skype and Viber, but Yes Life came with a valid local phone number in Malaysia start with prefix 018. You can receive voice call and SMS from other mobile phone, and make voice call or SMS to other phone, quite similar with Skype-In and Skype-Out service. Yes Life not just available on iPhone and iPad, it available on Mac OS X and Windows operating system as well.

Is nothing special with software VoIP phone. For Yes Life you need to pay for the call charges, as well as the internet data charges (unless your internet data line is unlimited package). Other than a cheaper call rate, there is no reason for most people to use a software phone with local numbers. If you are going to oversea, a software phone with a valid number could be useful.

Roaming charges are still very costly. Software phones with a local number is convenient for those people who travel oversea but still need to communicate with his company colleagues or friends. It may save the roaming charges provided you are using the software phones with free or low cost internet access.

It sill doesn't make sense for some people, because you can use other way of communication like MSN, Skype, Viber, email, if you already have internet access. A software phone just gave you another alternative. For example if you are doing online banking at oversea, most online banking may need a TAC number for fund transfer transaction. The TAC code will send through SMS only, the Yes Life which has a valid phone number will help you to solve the problem when you are oversea.

Yes Life came with the 14 days trial. After the trial period you need to top up RM50 as prepaid credit to continue using the Yes ID account. The account will be suspended or deactivated after the trial period.

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