Friday, June 02, 2017

A Complain to Maxis Auto Upgrade

Is so much different in Maxis center of today and compare with 9 to 10 years ago.

About 10 years ago, I walk in to Maxis center, check for any offer for cheaper package than the 30 per month that I was having. Might not be something cheaper but may be more free calls. The attendance was so nice, help me to scan through my bills, so that he can suggest a mobile package for me.

I recall, even Digi has a similar service at that time, they advertised that mobile subscriber can go to their service center, their expert will find out what is the suitable package for the subscriber.

My mobile package is very old, is so old that the Maxis center people there don't even know there is such a pakcage, until they check through the computer. They told me the call rate is expensive, is not available anymore. They also told me that under rule and regulation, they have to keep the package as long as there are subscribers still subscribe to it. It make sense for me.

The Maxis expert (I am not sure he is the expert, but he do his job quite weell) scan through my bill and told me, even though my existing call rate is more expensive, but with my using habbit, the package that I was subscribing is the cheapest for me.

I keep using the 30 per month package. Later there are some better (sound better) packages like Surfmore 30. Same price, but with more (300(?) minutes) free calls. I was busy and lazy to walk in Maxis center to change my subscription package. I am happy with my existing package as long as it doesn't exceed my budget.

Recently Maxis 'upgrade' those old packages to a new one with added price. You can read from the discussion forum in here. They give extra data, but the price will generally increase from 30 to 38.

I walk in to Maxis center to file a complain. My argument is:
1. Maxis shouldn't change my package without my approval. Maxis argue that it is an upgrade.
2. Maxis can add in data for my subscription package, but Maxis shouldn't increase the price.

The customer service refuse to file a complain for me, until I told him that the Maxis CEO apologize last year which results from some unhappy customers. They promise to call me back and they didn't.

I look back to last year (April) incident again. As Maxis give special offer to those who want to opout from Maxis and switch to other mobile service provider for better package. Those loyal customers with Maxis for many years were not given the offer. When customer call in for the offer, Maxis reply is only selected customers are given for the offer.

The post about the incident came out on the social media, Maxis try to ignored it, and is like snowball getting bigger and bigger. You can read the story from here and here, Malaysians are angry with Maxis. You can find many other related posts.

I summerize a few points from the post, what went wrong:
1. Too much of delay for an official response
2. The solution provided misses the main complain completely
3. Attempts to explain things from the telcos point of view (and not at the customer point of view)

After 12 months time, I experience the same things. Not much improvements.

I look at the live video from Maxis (here), the Maxis CEO Morten (Morten Lundal) appearred to be impatient and not sincere at all.

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Terminate your plan with Maxis.