Saturday, October 02, 2004

Firefox-1.0pr compile fail

XFree84-4.4.0 compilation is ok, but firefox-1.0pr just can't compile on my Mandrake-10, redhat-7.1, except Gentoo Linux PPC. May be firefox has to be compiled by gcc-3.x, so is not working on redhat-7.1(gcc-2.9x). I have tested firefox on iBook, not sure about the performance, but still need a lot of ram(about 20-30M) to run the application, so may be I don't update it to my IBM 486 yet. I think I need to take some rest. These are the few packages that I have updated in redhat-7.1 to compile firefox:- 1. XFree86-4.4.0 2. freetype-2.1.9 3. fontconfig-2.2.3 4. pkgconfig-0.15 5. glib-2.4.6 (not glibc) 6. atk-1.6.1 7. xft-2.1.2 8. pango-1.4.1 9. gtk+-2.4.10 10. libIDL-0.8.3 All these packages compile without much problem, so c++ program like firefox, really need to be improved.

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