Saturday, October 02, 2004

Is Friday

Time fly, is friday, and is October. For almost a week not done anything. Just compile XFree86 and firefox. Today do some configuration on XFree86. The problem with Linux never take off in desktop, the problem is start from X, X is too big, and not well organize. Look at the font, not standardize, it support pcf, speedo, type1, ttf font, just the bitmap font is 20 - 40M but still can't solve font problem, when it magnified, quality lost. Microsoft do a smart move using ttf font, Arial, Time (New) Roman, Courier New(fix font) Adobe have Helvetica, Time Roman, Courier. All these fonts are standard, 2M of hd space can solve many problems, but nothing much is standadize in X(or XFree86). Is friday, more relax, stay back a while to finalize my job. Is so boring to stay back on friday. Make a call to a lecturer friend, pick up 9.30pm, go for dinner. My lecturer friend is not felling well these few days. Preparing some noted for next semester class, ask me some problem with n-base arithmetic eg. oct + oct... I stay until 12am. Today TVB 星河頻道 showing 'Return of cockoo' (澳門街) last episod. While driving back feel empty and lonely. Want to talk to someone, but no one to talk to. Tomorrow night(actuall is tonight), Richard is having BBQ party here.

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