Thursday, November 11, 2004

Lode runner game for Palm

Yesterday help my friend to install his palm device, is a m515 model, like my Vx, but with colors(160x160), 16M, with SD slot. I found the lode runner game from Aaron Ardiri(his interview). The game just look like the old PC game in 80s, the animation is surprisingly smooth and actractive, even though it is running on a 160x160 screen rather than 320x200, you can find it here, take a look at the re-make of Nintendo's Game & Watch Octopus too. There is quite a number of Game & Watch game that I like but hard to find now, like Octopus, Mickey Mouse(Egg), manhole etc. Those games are simple but good to play, thanks to Nintendo's Gunpei Yokoi.


Carlos said...


I am Carlos, I have a Palm 505 with Palm OS 4.1. I would like to install and run the game "ManHole" of Nintendo 1981.

Could you please share the steps and the appropiate programs that I have to install.

I would appreciate it your help


Carlos Sierra

fuyichin said...

Hi Carlos,

"ManHole" is a classic, it was the first game I play on Nintendo. I miss it.

I know there is a popular Nintendo Emulator for palm, NesEm, I never tried it before, and is for newer Palm OS 5, not sure it work on Palm OS 4.x.

May be you can try to look at:

Good luck.