Sunday, July 10, 2005

Danger of a broker driver

wireless cardTry to setup my housemate's PC. I have install the Windows XP operating system (he prefer to use windows). The next thing should setup the broadband network.

I plugin a 3Com etherlink 3 network card, everything just work fine. Yesterday my housemate bought a D-Link wireless network card (model DWL-G520+), I just plug it in, though it will just plug and play like other network card, but it doesn't. I install the driver which came with the D-Link network card, is not working too.

Finally I pick up the manual and read. I am a lazy person, I should have read the manual first. I just find out from the manual, it stated "Warning! Do NOT install the Wireless card into your computer before installing the driver".

The nightmare has just begin, for the next 10 hours, I try to download every wireless driver that I can try on the d-link website, searching the FAQ for the problem, try install the driver with plug and unplug the network card, it just not working.

I though I am going to give out, until someone says something here, he read from some forum, suggest to use a US Robotic driver, since both of them using a TI chipset.

Finally it works, the USR driver working for D-Link wireless card! I have spend more than 10 hours try a broken driver from D-Link.

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