Thursday, July 28, 2005

rpm-get version 1.5

redhatI don't write this, rpm-get just follow the debian's apt-get, so xxx-get is very usefull tools for online upgrade/update, I have spend some time and finally get it work on my redhat 7.1. I have encounter some problem eg. genrpmlist file missing, but finally get it work. Most people will use yum on red hat or fedora. 1. download and install 2. $ rpm-get configure 3. set ftp path $ vi /etc/rpm-get.conf ftppath="" sourcepath="" 4. $ rpm-get update 5. genrpmlist missing I download from 6. genrpmlist is not working I modified the script file, change for section "Generating /var/lib/rpm-get/RPMS-list" lynx --source $ftppath/RPMS/ | awk -F'<A HREF="' '{print $2}' | awk -F'">' '{print $1}' > /var/lib/rpm-get/RPMS-list 2>/dev/null && echo "$ok" || echo "$fail" and "SRPMS-list" lynx --source $sourcepath | awk -F'<A HREF="' '{print $2}' | awk -F'">' '{print$1}' > /var/lib/rpm-get/SRPMS-list 2>/dev/null && echo "$ok" || echo "$fail" 7. since I have a proxy $ rpm -qlp doesn't not work for me, even I provide --httpproxy option, I have to change the download path from ftp:// to http://rpm -qlp $httppath/RPMS/$packages >> /var/lib/rpm-get/rpm-list.db and %httppath set in /etc/rpm-get.conf, just after ftppath httppath="" mandrake:- redhat:-

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