Saturday, September 17, 2005

Good service

fusiononeSince I can't sync my Palm's data through IntelliSync to Yahoo, but I can sync Avantgo using its client on the Palm, I suddenly think of FusionOne. FusionOne provide a service to sync the pda data to in the internet, I have stop using it since I can sync it to Yahoo. Is good enough to have it on Yahoo and my desktop.


Unfortunately it complains, client too old. I try to login to the website, it reply me, "account not active". I write a email to fusionone support, immediately I get an auto reply that my request will be process as soon as in between 24 hours.

Just a few hours later, I get a reply that fusionone has stop the free service, and my last sync of the data is year 2001, which is 4 years ago! This is what I call a good service, they still give customer support for a free service, and a service that they have stopped. For a good service like this, I don't really mind paying a small amount of money for it.

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