Monday, October 23, 2006

Idealism and Pragmatic

Most people know about Linus Torvalds and Linux, but not RMS (Richard M. Stallman) and GNU, that's normal. Most people know GNU software from Linux and not the other way round.

RMS is idealistic. He want all software to be free, contamination are not allowed in free software, that is a great vision. Free software (GNU) is a revolution to the software world for the past ten or twenty years, and is still goes on. Linus is pragmatic. Usability of linux kernel widely adopted by many users, including commercial sectors. Many developers join Linus, write codes for linux kernel, some other company package the linux kernel together with other open source software as a commercial product.

I respect them, both RMS and Linus.

Open source software always remind me of independent movie production, I think they are quite similar in one way or the other. They are not controlled by big company, like Xerox or Paramount.

I know some independent movie maker (including producer and director) in Malaysia, sometimes I watch their movie (or shorts) to show my support to them (just like using open source software).

Some of the local independent movie maker insist their movie to be artistic, which was not understand by most audience. If you are looking for commercialize movie, you should go for hollywood style movie. Artistic movie target for a different audience, unfortunately there is not a big group of audience out there.

Same thing happen to some local open source software society, they insist software to be free (as freedom) and be free (as free beer). I am wandering if the local open source software people watch the local independent movie, what they will say?

Most probably local open source software people will ask, why should I pay for an entrance for local independent movie? Why it is not free? Why can't I duplicate the DVD (movies)?

For me, open source community must be open minded, free or commercial is not an issue. Open minded means to accept more ideas, more audience and more flexible.

I respect both of them, the local open source software community and local independent movie group. Keep it up.

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