Monday, October 23, 2006

Some OS X software problem

Writing a quality software is important.

This is unbelievable, it always take me more than 20 minutes (I think is about 30 minutes) to sync my pda with the palm desktop software on Mac OS X, even if I just modified a few records. May be I am using a newer version of Palm Desktop (version 4) together with my older version of Palm Vx (OS version 3.x), and there is some compatibility problem.

I think there is some problem with the new palm synchronization software. Palm use to write a lot of good software, like the Palm OS, simple and easy to use, the palm desktop is another piece of good software.

The new palm software is not better than the old one, those on Mac OS is even worst. Mac OS is popular for its easy to use interface, but I find it difficult to use the Palm Desktop for Mac OS X. I don't know why, is just difficult to use.

May be is a common issue, these software developer only familiar with windows operating system, especially on the display interface. Last time I encounter some problem with java applet display on Linux system, the java applet can't refresh the display properly and efficiently. Most people don't care, because they run java on windows platform.

Firefox display problem
Firefox (ajax) display problem

Here is another example. My firefox on Mac OS X, have this display problem when access to meebo website. The scroll bar at the back display on the front window, don't tell me this is a transparent effect, because when firefox run on my windows platform does not have such problem.


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