Monday, December 25, 2006

Not just mobile phones

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

These days mobile phone is not just a mobile phone. It is a phone, camera and mp3 player, whatever it is, you can't miss its basic function as a phone, which you can call and talk to others.

My friend get a smart phone, is a HP PDA phone, can be used as a phone, store a lot of SMS, plan daily schedule, play game, surf internet, and it came with a lot of software utilities like calculator.

After my friend has used it for some time, it can do everything except one thing, to received call. It was ok when my friend first bought it, after use for about a year, the smart phone is not so smart anymore. My friend get a lot of miss call, the caller ask my friend why didn't pick up those calls, actually the phone never ring for incoming calls.

It happen to many smart phone users that I know. They always have problems with receiving call or sending SMS. I think when they try to fit in too many functions into a phone, the software becomes buggy. Remember a phone is still a phone, no matter what, you still have to make the basic function working.

sony ericsson
Sony Ericsson Cybershot

I match this concept with a business, you can diversified your business, but you can't forget your core business. Google core business is search, something google is very good at it. Google's revenue came from online advertisement, which tie to their search and keywords.

Yahoo start as a search engine and moving to portal. Yahoo slowly losing the war to Google (refer, Google passes yahoo...), but you can't blame Yahoo, no one knows search can be so precise and so important, until Google prove it.

Not all diversified business fail, Apple is selling iPod mp3 player now and making a lot of money.

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