Sunday, December 03, 2006

Web stickies

What ever I can think of, is already there.

After I change my view on web zip utility, I ask myself, what else can do for similiar web application. It quickly came into my mind, the stickies utility.

I never use stickies utility, not until recently. I found it useful to write some temporary notes on my PC desktop, so is easy for me to relate it to a web application. I can even create a browser addons for it, that's what I think.

Some how I have a feeling that such an application already exist, so I search through the internet and found MyStickies and its firefox addons.

MyStickies, web stickies application

You need 2 things for a start:-

1. MyStickies account, is free.
2. plugins for your browser, currently only plugins for Firefox is available.

Once you have register with an account and installed the plugins, use the following method to add new stickies:-

1. ALT + left click, or ALT + left click and mouse drag
2. click "New Sticky" on the toolbar
3. right click (context menu), My Stickies, and New Sticky.

I have tried the plugins (version 0.1.14 and 0.1.15), is not working, I think is still buggy. If you are in mystickies site, it is working.

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