Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ACM 2008

Came back from ACM 2008 (Asean Communication & Multimedia expo).

All the four main celco is there, Maxis, Celcom, Digi, U mobile. Other exhibitor includes RTM, TM, Motorola, Sony, Measat, Jaring, Kasturi, Cyberview, Wimax P1, Astro. The full list you can get from ACM Expo website.

Is like those years, they are there, but you don't know what they are doing there. Promoting 3G broadband? Selling SIM pack? or just promoting their brand? Is worst than last few years, where Maxis promoting their 3G network together with their service and solution partners.

I notice 2 company is promoting WiMax, other than Green Packet's P1, Amax is another company to provide Wimax service, pricing is almost the same. I test their broadband with youtube streaming, both performance are good, but Amax seems to be faster and their modem are smaller. Anyway I don't trust demo, you have to try it and find out yourself.

As I describe in ACM2006, most companies spend the money but doesn't know how to promote themselves. If they can't explain well with their products, show some demo is good, or at least get some pretty promoters to give out some freebies.

When I try to take some photos with these pretties with their company logo at the background, they just turn around and facing me with their back side! Some promoters just talking with each other, not even giving out freebies or entertain the visitors, just chit-chating and sitting there watching visitors playing games.

chit chat
happy chit-chating

I would like to give credit to the Sony models, showcase their HD video camera (like last year). When they notice that I am taking photos, they look at the camera and smiles, that's what I call professional.

Sony models
Smiles, Sony models.

Less and less interesting products for me in ACM, hope they can do better next year.


Danny Foo said...

You neva go play congkak with them. :P

fuyichin said...

no. I didn't. Don't want to disturb while they are working. :)