Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ACM 2006

I just went to ACM expo in the afternoon.

I know why I prefer ACM expo than PC Fair, is not so crowded. May be most of the people go to Microsoft Tech Ed 2006.

Many exhibitors doesn't know how to make use of this "golden opportunity" to promote their company and products. Just hire some pretty girls, stand there and do nothing (Ok. You can ask them to distribute some leaflet), like Kasturi Technology

If you need them to talk to the customer, make sure they know the product well. Some promoter from Maxis and DiGi, don't even know the detail of the package. These information was shown to the public everyday, sometimes customer knows it better.

Free gift like pen or paper bags, with the company or product name printed on it, is good advertisement, just distributed to the visitors as much as you can.

Some companies just a have a small booth, put some brochure there, simply ask any staff sitting there. I saw some them almost fall asleep while sitting there. Please don't blame on them, no one can sit there and do nothing for the hold day.

Don't expect people came all the way from their office, take the brochure and walk away, most visitors want better interactive session. Put up a multimedia video, or self-running slides will be good.

Make sure your marketing and sales don't simple bluff, visitors will know. If you want to have technical session, make sure the technical people can talk like Steve Jobs, or visitors will just walk away before they finish.

Some exhibitors get a large booth, like Macro Kiosk. I look around, everything look nice. The problem is, other than the smart car, I don't know what they want to show to the visitors (like last year). I am sure Micro Kiosk sell nothing related to the smart. I saw a few of their (marketing?) people, just group together and talking non stop (within themselves and not to the visitors).

iNavigate have a small booth under MDEC, they have a product call mEye, allow your mobile phones to monitor your home or office, quite interesting. I didn't notice N2N there.

Acer is there. Acer always show up in ACM. Last few years, they show their latest notebook tablet. This time I don't know what they want to show. They have a few handsome guy, dress up with coat nicely, but hardly say any words. I though they were hired as bodyguard.

Skype phone! Finally I saw someone promoting skype phone, I think is from Avantech(?). Sorry I am not so interested with hardware company.

I think RedTone people are force to stand by at the ACM exhibition, because they leave the exhibition before anyone else leaving. If they want to avoid the traffic, may be they should use Maxis' traffic monitoring system. I have invested in RedTone shares, so I really hope they can do better.

Maxis is promoting their phone book backup services, RM2 per month, but these people can't explain well how these things will work, just ask me to access their website. Their 3G still can't display a smooth streaming video, after one year time.

After criticize about so many things, I saw some exhibitors are very hard working, keep doing demo non stop, like EP-Tech. They have a scratch board device, you can just draw on the projector screen using electronic pen or your finger tip. The system is running on Windows operating system.


Planet Malaysia said...

Great! Seem I have to go too :)

fuyichin said...

Today is the last day of the event, just a few hours more.

Hageshii (林激) said...

i wonder, about 2 years ago, i have subscribed to mtm. Rm5 for 3 cam and rm10 for all cam. I also have downloaded its app. But now when i go to maxis webpage to subscribe for the rm10, i cannot find what i want. Instead they have a new type of subscribing way. Rm1.5 per week and rm5 per month. The one that i subscribed is a 2006 mtm.

fuyichin said...

I am not very sure. May be they came out with new plan.