Saturday, July 25, 2009

Standard breaks easily

Let me tell you why.

Have some discussion with open source friends on why people don't use openoffice (compatibility issues with Microsoft Office), lead to document standard. Standard is always there, but we just don't follow strictly. I am not familiar with the open document standards, but from the html standard, we learn something.

If you are a web application developer, you know the standard, and you follow the standard strictly. A problem was discovered, your boss ask you to solve it by today, and you do not have the solution yet, do you still care about the standard? No, what you urgently need is the solution, not the standard.

What you do is, you search the internet, and take the easiest solution which works for you, even it only works on Internet Explorer and not other browser, you will take it. Standard solution comes later and standard breaks since this day.

Your immediate boss, who knows about standard as you do, doesn't care your solution only works on Internet Explorer. He will accept your solution, because he need to answer to the big boss who knows nothing about standard but money.

Why don't you fix the standard issue later? Because you always have problems with higher priority to be solved. This is how you work as a software developer till the last day you work at your company.

I like standard, I hope everyone follow the standard, but standard breaks easily. If you are a software developer, you will agree with me.

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