Friday, July 24, 2009

What do you expect from Chrome OS?

What is a Chrome OS? It is a minimalist OS base on linux, target to run on netbook. Target to be ready on 2010 quater 2.

I don't expect much from Chrome OS. For me, Chrome OS is just an extension of Chrome browser, to make it runs faster. V8 engine (to improve the javascript) is one way, Chrome OS will be another way to make Chrome browser faster. Google focus is still on the browser itself and not the operating system. (refer Google build 3D hardware boost into Chrome)

By starting the Chrome OS project, Google not just in control to improve the performance of Chrome browser, but avoid Microsoft making tricks hidden inside the OS. Build on Linux, Google already save years of development, and effort of thousands of developers around the world.

Steven Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer
Windows 7, Steven Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer at MGX.
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By announcing the Windows 7 is ready, Microsoft declare Vista fail. There is a three years period (start counting from Vista launched in end of year 2006) given to other operating system a chance to show off and grab some market shares. The available and popularity of netbook, provide a better chances for the operating system vendors, especially the linux providers.

Chrome OS is a good strategy, at the right timing, even though I think that it was late. Many OS vendors miss the opportunity, like Xandros Linux, which runs on the first version of Asus netboook EeePC 701. Google is different from the other Linux vendors by creating Chrome OS project, Google is targetting on the browser and web application, not the OS itself.

By the way, this is just all my prediction.

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