Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apple talk August 2009

Is unavoidable to talk about Apple this year (actually for all these years). First Steve Jobs, the important man behind (and in-front) of Apple Corp., take six months "leave of absence" to fight with his recurrence cancer illness. Is so important to the public, investors and board of directors complain that Steve Jobs shouldn't hide his health condition, which is not just a bug bites or "hormone problem" that causes Steve Jobs' slim down.

(steve jobs looks thin, flickr )

Steve Jobs just came back from his medical leave, but still not shown his face in the public, especially not on WWDC event last June, which he usually give the opening keynotes.

Apple iPhone has a new version, it runs faster and with more features, like the missing "copy and paste" function which was asked by most of the users. This is the 3rd version since iPhone launched 2 years ago, the second iPhone was named 3G, so they name this iPhone 3GS, 'S' should be means of speed.

What's next? Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is going to be released on this Friday 28 August. The upgrade price from Leopard is just USD29, but a new version could cost more. Upgrade with iLife is is USD169, family pack is USD229. You can pre-order online now. As I know many of the developers and tester already running the new Snow Leopard (developer version) on their Mac.

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