Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Facebook acquired FriendFeed

Facebook just acquired FriendFeed, the announcement was made on Monday, news are everywhere over the Internet. Since Facebook and FriendFeed are both privately held company, the acquisition amount was not reveal. According to TechCrunch, the acquisition cost about 50 million in cash and stock. (please refer to Wall Street Journal, photos from Paul)

Before Facebook acquired FriendFeed, there are rumors about Facebook offer 500 million to buy Twitter (mainly in stock, refer here). FriendFeed is providing streaming status data, similar with what Twitter does.

I always like to emphasize that Facebook and Twitter are both community website, but they are different. Observation is Facebook becomes more and more Twitter-like website, or may be FriendFeed-like website.

FriendFeed is a successful startup, it was co-founded by former Google employees. I doesn't know what will happen after Facebook acquired FriendFeed, but is a good move for Facebook, and a good time for FriendFeed to pull out as a standalone feed aggregator.

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