Saturday, December 26, 2009

Starhub prepaid mobile data plan

Singapore has cheap mobile data access plan, one of the cheapest in this region.

I found this Starhub prepaid mobile internet plan, MaxMobile Prepaid. This is a SGD12 prepaid card, I am suggesting this mobile internet plan because it is flexible and affortable.

Flexibility. This is very important in marketing. With this Starhub internet prepaid plan, you have different choices with different price and rate. You can have 1 hour, 1 day, 3 day or 5 day plan. You can check the rate listing from the website.

Low cost. If you choose the 3 days plan is SGD 3.33 per day (SGD 10 for 3 days), 5 days plan is SGD 3 per day (SGD 15 for 5 days). This is cheap compare with other countries, even with other mobile operator offer here now. If you compare with other post paid mobile Internet package, Starhub cheapest package is SDG 14 per month (but it is postpaid).

Easy. You can get the prepaid card from Starhub service center and some franchise grocery store. Just choose your package and send the SMS code to activate. To top up you can use the top up card or top up through Internet.

Fair usage policy. The policy set a data size limit as most mobile operator does. The limit is 2.2 Gigabytes per day, the usage provided is more than enough, no need to worried about the access limit.

If you have a short trip in Singapore, and you need to access internet with your netbook, this MaxMobile Prepaid will be a good choice.

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