Thursday, December 03, 2009

What netbook expected in Pikom PC Fair 3 2009

What do you expect in this PC Fair (3)?

I am expecting netbook.

1. HP
HP mini 311. The number one on my list, it came with nVidia ION chipset, it is not a 3D graphic chipset, but it has hardware HD video decoder, can perform HD (1080p) video playback on your Atom netbook. It came with 1Gb on board ram, expandable to 3Gb.

2. Dell
Dell mini 10v. Personally I am not interested in Dell, but this budget netbook is Chrome OS ready.

3. Samsung
Samsung Go N310. The most attracting selling point of this netbook is its battery life. Ads say up to 11hrs (or 9hrs).

4. Acer
Acer Aspire Timeline series. It is a notebook (not netbook), thin, slick design, long battery life (as long as 9hrs), it is using low voltage cpu eg. SU9400.

Acer Aspire One. One of the best selling netbook from Acer, but no surprise.

5. Lenovo
May be can take a look at IdeaPad S10-2.

6. Toshiba
Toshiba always has nice looking, price competitive netbook.

7. Sony
Sony VAIO W or P series, but their ads sucks.

Asus has release many models since the first netbook EeePC 701. The latest should be T91, a touch screen netbook, just like the Tablet PC, but much cheaper. A Table PC will cost 3 times more than this EeePC T91.

I have seen this T91, not so exciting for me. I prefer 1008HA (SeaShell)

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