Thursday, February 11, 2010

Made in Japan

2010 is a bad starting for automaker, especially for Toyota and Honda from Japan.

It started with the sticking accelerator problem with Camry, follow by recall to Prius hybrid to fix the brakes problem. Later there are complains on the Toyota Corolla steering problems as well.

Toyota recall more than 300 thousand Prius hybrid car around the world to fix the brakes problem. Lexus (the luxurious brand from Toyota) hybrid was affected in this recall as well. Toyota has recall a total of more than 8 millions of car worldwide.

First is the accelerator problem, then brakes and steering as well. Toyota president Akio Toyoda apologize to the public on the Toyota recall cases.

Another Japan automaker, Honda, also recall the City and Jazz to fix a power window switch overheated problem recently.

Whenever I buy some accessories from hardware shop, be it a screw driver or a chain saw, the shop keeper will ask me, which brand do I want? Made in Japan, made in Taiwan or made in China?

They represented the quality and the price. "Made in Japan" has the best quality of the three, "made in Taiwan" as second place and "made in China" is the cheapest in price.

It takes a long time build a brand name. Toyota "was" refer as one of the best quality car manufacturer with least defect problem. The continuous recall cases hurt the Toyota brand name, and it will take years to rebuild it again.


Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

coyote said...

I will continue to buy Toyota's car.