Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simply Apple iPad

Finally the Apple tablet reviewed to the public, it was named an iPad. It is a 9.7 inch touch pad, price from USD499. It just like a 10 inch size iPhone (or iPod Touch).

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

With this latest Apple iPad, Apple fill in the gap between iPhone and notebook. More specifically, the netbook market which Apple has been absent for years. In terms of price, size and weight, the Apple iPad just fit in nicely.

Apple show an e-book reader application call the iBooks. With the iBooks application iPad will looks like Amazon Kindle.

This iPad power by an Apple A4 1GHz CPU. Remember Apple bought a CPU design company P.A. Semi (Palo Alto Semiconductor) earlier? This is not Intel or ARM base processor, is very new and still not sure about the performance yet.

iPad has 3G (WLAN) version, USD130 more than the non-3G version. iPad is not available yet, Apple iPad webpage is up, you can check the details there.

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Julienne said...

The buyer of an iPad is one of two people, the first is someone who sees not just the present, but the potential of a product like the iPad... and believes in and is excited about that potential. This is also a person who can afford what amounts to a luxury item. The second is an individual who simply doesn't need to get that much work done, and would prefer their computing experience to be easier, faster, and simpler.

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