Thursday, March 03, 2011

Apple iPad 2 2011

Finally iPad 2 is launched on 2 March 2011(US time). As expected it is thinner, lighter, faster and with FaceTime. It came with A5 dual core CPU and dual camera. The first version of iPad is about USD 100 cheaper by now.

What unexpected is Steve Jobs appear on the event and present the keynote. I though he is on medical leave!? Steve Jobs looks much better than the description by recent news. Is clear that Apple is not ready to have an alternative than Steve Jobs yet.

iPad which launched last year, had been sold for a total 15 million units by the end of year 2010, reported by Steve Jobs at the start of the keynote. Expected to generate 9.5 billion in revenue by iPad alone.

iPad 2 is thinner and lighter, thickness is just 8.8mm (previous is 13.4mm) , even thinner than iPhone 4. I am expecting the iPhone 5 will be thinner as well compare with iPhone 4.

Apple design a new magnetic case for the iPad 2, attached magnetically to the device. The thin leather cover protect the screen display without increase the thickness much of the device. The cover can be used as the standing support for the device as well.

iPad 2 is able to output display to HDTV through HDMI connectors. User need to purchase a HDMI connector separately. User can output everything on the iPad device on HDTV (and not just video only for earlier iPod Touch, iPhone). User can do a presentation through the iPad and output to projector.

There are people saying that no new revolutionary factors for the new iPad 2. If you already have an iPad now, you might not need to upgrade.

What makes iPad 2 different from other tablet (or the previous iPad) will be the design, the software and the price tag. The 16G Wifi version will be selling at USD499, same price as the first iPad.

iPad 2 will be available 10 March (for US). Other countries have to wait till 25 March or later.

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