Monday, March 21, 2011

Pre-paid mobile internet Australia

My friend is going to Australia for a trip. My friend was being warned not to turn on Internet roaming, because there are people who has been charged for few thousands on data roaming on the telephone bill.

Roaming is always expensive, be it voice or data charges. I will always recommend to get local pre-paid mobile package.

I simply do some research on Australia mobile operators, and share these information. These information get from Internet and just for reference. Please double check with the local mobile shop for detail information, as mobile packages are very confusing.

The top 3 mobile operators are:
1. Telstra
2. Optus (Mobile bridge alliance)
3. Vodafone

There are a few cases below, one of it may fit into your needs:
(If not stated, prices are in AUD)

a. Mobile internet only. If you have disabled data roaming and need a pre-paid internet for iPhone or iPad, get Optus iPad prepaid data plan, it came with micro-SIM card.

Optus iPad prepaid data plan $30 came with micro Sim Starter Kit 3Gb data for 30 days.

Vodafone has an iPad starter kit, detail information is unknown.

b. Local voice and mobile internet. Get Vodafone. Flexi Caps cost $29 came with 500Mb data.

c. Local voice only. Use Telstra. starter pack start with $2, without any credit, need re-charge.

Data roaming

d. For Maxis customers, use Bridge Alliance data roaming. It has 1 day, 3 days and 5 days package. 5 days Bridge DataRoam Unlimited USD$40, roam on Optus network. There registration and subscription is here.

Make sure you only roam on Optus network, your mobile device should have an option to set.

If you are confused and don't know what to do, just disable the data roaming on your phone and follow case a or case c.

e. For Digi customer Internet roaming Max36 on Telstra network. RM36/day.

I will recommend just get local prepaid mobile or mobile internet, it will be much cheaper than your roaming.

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Yano Rivera said...

First and foremost when looking for internet service, I always look for providers that offer unlimited internet deals since I'm a power user. Nevermind if it's below 10 Mbps, I just need unlimited internet.