Saturday, September 03, 2011

Cheaper IDD call to Philippines

My family want to make a call to Philippines, I let them to use my Skype account. I seldom use my Skype-out account after I top-up.

After my family make the call (to Philippines), I check the balance. I got a shock, half of the credit gone. It was much more expensive than I expected. I check the call rate from Skype. Yeah, call rate to Philippines is Euro 16.1 cents per minute, while other Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong call rate is just Euro 1.9 cent per minutes. Philippines call rate is 8 times more expensive than

I am calling from Malaysia, so I check the iTalk IDD call rate. Call to Philippines is RM 75 cents per minutes at normal rate, for both land line and mobile. Other Asia countries cost . For promotion rate please check the iTalk Whao! website.

I have tried iTalk before but not this iTalk Whao. Seems like iTalk Whao can purchase online. Normally iTalk came with a number with some prepaid credit (eg. RM10), you dial the iTalk number before you dial the number you call. The call will be charged on iTalk call rate and iTalk credit.

The iTalk 75 cents is still slightly more expensive or similar with the Skype call rate.

I check the DiGi Cakap-cakap call rate for the prepaid (prepaid only, not available for postpaid). Call rate to Phillipines is 50 cents per minute (25 cents per 30 seconds block), from 9pm to 9am. This call rate is for all prepaid except DiGi Easy prepaid and DiGi prepaid campus. Confusing right!? You have to know which prepaid you are using.

For postpaid users, the rate will be about 75 cents, not too bad. You save to trouble to get another IDD account.

Any cheaper call rate? Please let me know.


i-Talk call rate
DiGi Chatz call rate (75 cents per minutes)

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N and Y said...

If Philippines (your home) has Internet connection, get them a MagicBox.PH SIP-in-a-box. It has a free USA number. Call USA instead of Phils. Comparing DiGi rates it costs RM 0.74 to call Phils but only RM 0.18 to call USA. For Phils to call you, it's more cheaper cuz via MagicBox is a USA-to-Malaysia rate. Btw, MagicBox doesn't required computers. Get more queries at