Friday, October 01, 2010

DiGi easy prepaid

DiGi has a new prepaid plan call DiGi easy prepaid. You have free calls and SMS to 3 Buddyz numbers. The internet daily is max cap at RM3 rather than RM5.

You can switch current prepaid plan to DiGi easy prepaid, except DiGi Prepaid (the RM1 package). This will be very confusing, most people may not know their package name. Ask DiGi or login to OCS (Online Customer Service), the name is listed at Account Status.

If I am having DiGi Prepaid, I might not switch to DiGi easy prepaid, because I don't voice call a lot. I can subscribe to RM15 unlimited for 7 days internet access, which will be cheaper than RM3 per day.

The good thing is you have even more choices from DiGi prepaid now!

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